Salud Spanish is a Spanish-language school in Bellingham, WA. I built the school’s website several years ago, and it has served them well.

Unfortunately, the developer who built the site’s WordPress theme stopped maintaining it. Using an outdated theme is bad practice (see the earlier blog entry about keeping your WordPress installation up to date). It was time to change the theme. Changing themes is a pretty straightforward process, as the theme controls the look and functionality of the site, but the contents stay the same. I chose the Avada theme because it’s well supported and constantly being updated.

The image above shows the site with the old theme (left) and with the Avada theme (right). The design didn’t change much, although I made some adjustments to freshen things up a bit. The site’s content barely changed at all. It’s up to you how much you want to use the opportunity to change the site’s design or contents.

Contact me to find out if it’s time to update your site’s WordPress theme.