How your web hosting affects your website’s SEO


Every client asks me about SEO and how they can improve their search-engine ranking. One factor that most people don’t consider is where the website is hosted. Your choice of web host has a dramatic effect on your site’s SEO. [...]

How your web hosting affects your website’s SEO2019-04-25T17:58:30+00:00

Diane Padys – Professional Photographer


Diane Padys makes me look good. When I design a website for a professional photographer, I stand back and let their photographs speak for themselves. Diane's photographs not only grab the viewer's attention, they convey her professionalism and show [...]

Diane Padys – Professional Photographer2019-04-25T17:32:17+00:00

Why you should keep your WordPress website up-to-date


Once I publish a WordPress website, the work is not done. The website needs regular maintenance to keep it safe and running smoothly. There are five main reasons you need to update WordPress: Security Because WordPress is so big, [...]

Why you should keep your WordPress website up-to-date2019-04-25T17:33:29+00:00

Skiyou Ranch


I was recently introduced to organic cattle farming by Tarie Benson, owner of Skiyou Ranch in Sedro-Woolley, WA. She and her husband Vonn raise organic grass-fed Black Angus beef. Their farm has been in the Benson family for four generations, [...]

Skiyou Ranch2019-04-25T17:35:22+00:00
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