If you’re in Montana and your recipe calls for fresh truffles or squid ink you’re in luck. Head to Red Lodge where you’ll find Babcock & Miles, an emporium (there’s no other way to describe it) that you can trust to take care of all your gourmet food and beverage needs. From artisan cheeses to fine wines to caviar, you’ll find offbeat and newly indispensable ingredients and products to whip up an unbelievable meal. All within a store you can ski to.

I created the original website for Babcock & Miles when they opened in 2008. Eight years is an eternity on the web, and the owners knew they were overdue for a redesign. I was pretty stoked about taking on the project and giving them a new look.

The no brainer was that it would be a WordPress site. Now that it’s come together they can post blogs and update the content themselves. And the site looks good on mobile devices, so if you’re on a chairlift and remember that you need champagne for your evening meal, you’re good to go.

Take a peek at www.babcockandmiles.com and get cooking!