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Welcome to Benn Design

Benn Design is a Bellingham web design company. We’ve been designing websites for business, individuals, and non-profits for over 18 years. Our goal is to clearly communicate your message using stunning design. Good web design increases conversion rates – the likelihood that viewers will take action when they see your site.

WordPress websites by Benn Design


All of our websites are built using WordPress, so you can easily change the text, add photos, adjust existing content, and add new pages. WordPress makes it easy to keep your blog up to date. Constantly freshening your site not only engages your viewers, it also makes your site more likely to be noticed by search engines.

Benn Design - mobile websites


It’s estimated that 52% of users use their phones to access the web, so all of our websites are designed to look good and function smoothly on mobile devices. This is also vital because search engines reward mobile-compatible sites.

SEO by Benn Design


Our websites are built using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. We factor SEO into your website throughout its development, and will incorporate the most effective tools and analyzing services once it’s published.

Did you know that your web hosting affects your SEO? Visit my blog to find out more.

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